Wednesday, 27 December, 1865

The weather is cloudy, gloomy and rainy. Not very cold, but very disagreeable. Have been looking for Ju and Mag all day, but there has not been any 20 minutes during the day they could have come. We have sunshine and showers all day, real April weather. The wind shifted about 5 o’clk., and Zac and Nan thought they could venture to start to the wedding party at Dr. Edwards’, and got ready quickly and were off.1This would have been a party in honor of the wedding the day before of Prestley Coleman Edwards and Mary Beverley Robinson. Prestley is the second son of Dr. Lemuel Edwards. Mary Beverley is the daughter of the late Capt. Samuel Robinson and wife Mary Susan Dabney. The bride may be the Mary Robinson who has been frequently mentioned previously. She has been so lonely since Pigeo left. I am willing to indulge her all I can. Rose misses her when she starts, but she amuses herself some way though. Bill thinks the weather almost insufferable to him, hardly knows what to do with himself. – – Liv made an early start to Will’s this morning, rode a mule. – – Was at the party tonight.

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