Wednesday, 27 September, 1865

Dry and cool. Received a note from Mag saying Jennie and Hal would be down this evening to spend the night, but instead of that they all drove up about eleven o’clk., Mag and Stuart included. Dellah went with Mag to take Stuart home about sunset. Jennie is a great favorite of mine, and I always enjoy her society. – – Hardie had a previous engagement to go over to Bruington to hear speaking by John Randolph and others to the young men of the present day.1Since John Randolph (of Roanoke) had been dead since 1833, Caroline may have been referring to John Randolph Tucker who had served as Virginia Attorney General from 1857 to the end of the war in 1865. He was no stranger to using a religious setting to speak to young men, as his 21 May, 1863 lecture, “The Southern Church Justified in its Support of the South in the Present War,” before the Young Men’s Christian Association of Richmond. I would be happy to receive any information to confirm or deny this hypothesis that Caroline omitted the Bruington speaker’s last name. – – I had a chill taken at dinner.

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