Wednesday, 31 May, 1865

Another pretty day. Beck ironed today and Patsy went out in her place. The children did up some things for themselves upstairs in the boys’ room. Nan is busy about a borage body.1Borage is an plant native to the Mediterranean traditionally grown for medicinal and culinary purposes. Its seed is also the source of “starflower” oil, marketed today as a dietary supplement. While perhaps Caroline is describing a design based on the flower she seems to be using borage to describe a style of a summer dress. The term still seems to be in use in England. You fashionistas out there are welcome to chime in.– – Very unexpectedly, Mary, Garland and all the children arrived about 4 o’clk. in a little wagon. A boy drove a tumbrel with some salt to put up herrings, but the season is past I am afraid, and they will be disappointed as there are only a few being caught. – – We all sat up quite late tonight in the parlor and the children danced several sets. They enjoy each others society so much. No stranger is here. The Lieut. has become like one of the family and participates with them in all their pleasure and amusements, and seems to be as much at home as the rest of the boys. – – The boys took a boat excursion down the river.

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