Wednesday, 3rd April, 1867

One of the loveliest days we have had this Spring. – – Pigeo returned from Enfield about ½ past 12 and went on for the mail and for Mollie. Returned to dinner. Only a letter from Belle Boykin. Mag will spend the day tomorrow and bring her down. – – Bill started to Richmond this morning in Mr. Cooke’s tumbrel. Carried two veals and twenty-five hams, bacon, weighing 262 lbs. Hope he will not be sick before he returns. Charged him to take Shallenbergers pills tomorrow morning first thing and tonight if he gets to Richmond in time. – – I certainly have been busy today. I think I shall kill myself at work yet. It seems to me sometimes that I do the work of four days in one, and at night I am so tired I hate to move hand or foot. I went in the garden after getting breakfast and starting Bill off and helped Patsy some, then weeded my peas and employed myself till 12 o’clk. Came in and had some strong coffee and after drinking it and taking a snack, wrote in my journal and did various things, and when Pigeo returned we went and made jumbles, mince pies, &c, stewed peaches and apples, toasted ground peas, did over mince meat, had starch made and starched clothes, and had a large pot of soup making at the same time. Finished it, and after supper took the candle and went to the kitchen and assisted Patsy a little, had it dipped into the large kettle to cool. Wilkerson helped her to set it back. – – Pigeo and I then came in. She gave me a description of a fall Fannie and herself got today. Why she was not killed is unaccountable to me. I think I ought to describe it here, just as she told it to me, but I can’t do it. I shuddered while she was rehashing it. She said she couldn’t keep it to herself any longer and had to tell me. She and the horse both down together and each struggling to extricate themselves. Pigeo couldn’t get from under Fannie and she couldn’t get up. Well I can’t think about it any longer, must turn to something else. – – Sent Mrs. Harrison ½ bushel early Mercer potatoes by George. – – Dr. Phil has not sent the horse I purchased yesterday, according to promise. – – Ten o’clk. at night, all have retired. It’s about time I had too. Patsy’s snoring by my side and John’s asleep in the corner and Pigeo in my bed, and I must follow.

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