Wednesday, 4 October, 1865

Very windy today and dust is as thick as possible. The most disagreeable day we have had. While in town, Hardie inquired for a letter at the P. O. Found one from Lieut. Arledge. – – I purchased Pigeo’s things for school. Cora and Kittie Power called this evening.1 I am anxious that Pigeo should go to Mr. Goss with Kittie if she is well by that time. She improves very fast. Still, the Dr. comes twice a day. I have determined to start home with her in the morning.

  1. Cora Power, 21, we met in the 15 July, 1864 post. Kittie is likely Cora’s 15 year-old sister who shares Pigeo’s given name, Lucy.  (back)

2 comments on “Wednesday, 4 October, 1865

  1. wayne watkins says:

    where is this “town” that has been in the last few journals

  2. Bibb says:

    See my reply yesterday. The “town” was Richmond.

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