Wednesday, 5 April, 1865

Another pretty day. Bill, with Bartlett, went out floating, caught 35 shad and sold them for $5 in spice and greenbacks. Returned after we retired. Had a serious accident to happen to the seine. Packed a jar of lard and made a deposit of 13 pieces, she and I. – – Grief, at times, takes entire possession of me. – – But when those words are suggested to me I feel rebuked, “Be still and know that I am God.”1Psalm 46:10 – – My grace is sufficient for thee.22 Corinthians 12:9. Caroline seems not have used quotation marks for this second passage. – – Ju came down this evening. Mrs. Lewis sent me $75 for a bushel of potatoes. Gave it to Ju for 2 bushels fresh potatoes he promised to send down.

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