Wednesday, 6 September, 1865

I am about a Va. cloth shirt for Bill. – – Bake cut out and filled a light calico dress today, and I ran up the skirt. Martha commenced washing wool today. Hardie came from Richmond at 5 o’clk. this evening. Arrived there from Danville Friday. Brought me a letter from Mary and one from Pigeo to both of us, Bake and I. – – Mary thanked me for the two little dresses I assisted in making. Her health is far from being good, and Pigeo improves slowly. Dear children, I trust in the goodness and mercy of God to preserve them, as I have no doubt that he will. Liv purchased a pair of shoes for Nan. Hardie brought them down, also bought three pieces of music to Bake, a march and two songs. We all sat in the porch till quite late.

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